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Charter Fishing Marco Island

A 30 year native guide in the Marco Island Area. 


Marco Island's Finest Charter Fishing in Backwater, Coastal Areas & Deep Sea. From Naples through the Ten Thousand Islands.


Greetings from Marco Island Florida. Are you ready to fish the beautiful waters that surround Marco Island and the 10,000 Islands? Are you ready to cruise offshore to fish one of the many artificial reefs that lay on the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico? Come fish with me, Captain Bubby Hail, during an awesome day on the water, I will show you the many different species of fish that populate our Marco Island waters.


Depending on what time of the year you visit, we might try fishing the scenic mangrove islands of Marco for Redfish, Snook, Tarpon, Pompano, Trout, Snapper and many others. While you fish, enjoy watching beautiful birds, Manatee and of course Dolphins that actually come right up to the boat. Is the excitement getting to you already?


How about fishing offshore in the pristine waters of the Gulf of Mexico. We might catch Grouper, Snapper, Shark, King Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel, Cobia, Permit and many more here on Marco Island. Contact Me to see what's biting. We can mix and match a little if you want, how about a little Offshore and a little Backwater just for Variety... the spice of life!


If you're looking for the hardest working fishing guide on Marco Island who has loads of experience and knowledge fishing the Marco Island area, you're search is now OVER!  "I am the only Marco Island fishing guide you will ever need. Volume and variety are my specialty."


"See ya soon! Let me make your fishing adventure a memorable one here on Marco Island."  Captain Bubby Hail.


                   "  Fish the New Bp Artificial reefs " 


New to our Gulf waters 36 beautiful reefs funded by BP and some private donors. This should make for some great fishing for all species such as Grouper, Snapper, Amberjack, Kingmackerel, Goliath Grouper and many other species. " BOOK YOUR CHARTER NOW " 



Marco Island Fishing Report


April 3, 2016


Hello folks, Fishing has been hit or miss for the last month. Cold fronts will not leave us alone fishing has been tough in back water but good offshore when I am able to get out. Catching King Mackerel, Bonita and lots of Sharks of all species. Fishing can only get better from here on out




Feb 18, 2016

Despite the cold fronts that keep coming through this winter fishing has been very active. Offshore Fishing is good right now catching lots of Mangrove Snapper in the 1 to 3 lb range. Still catching mostly Sheepshead in the backwater.  



Jan 16, 2016

Book your Charter Fishing trip today. Winter mode of fishing is here, this is when you start jigging deep holes in back water and casting shrimp rigs on bottom for Sheepshead. I have been catching nice size Sheepshead and Speckled Trout, along with Sand Trout. This mode of Fishing can be really fun with lots of action.


Jan 13, 2016

Hello folks been very busy have not put fishing report in several weeks. To keep you updated we are finally getting the big cold fronts we have been waiting for. Sheepshead, are starting to show good and some Speckled Trout, finally making their way around Marco. Seas have been rough but when it calms down Fishing Offshore is still Red hot for Red Grouper, and Mangrove Snapper, will  try to post more pictures in next few weeks. Until next time keep those lines tight.


Dec 7, 2015


Fishing for the end of Nov,  and the beginning of Dec, has been very good. Still catching lots of keeper Grouper on half days in between rough weather and King Mackerel, Bonita, Spanish Mackerel, in Closer on bad days. Still catching nice Snook and some Redfish in Mangroves.  Book your Charter now before all the cold fronts get her.





Nov 15, 2015

Hello folks we finally got a cold front windy and rough offshore today. Fishing for Grouper has been really good the last 2 weeks you can only keep Grouper in side of 9 miles if you do not have a federal reef permit on your boat, which I do on one boat not on the other. Back water has been really good for Mangrove Snapper, Redfish and small Snook. I fished back water today and the cold front did hurt fishing a little bit but still ended up with 12 Snapper and 1 nice Redfish we will see how it is tommorrow. Until next time tight lines.



Oct 18, 2015

Took Kevin Blaney and mom Joann and dad Robby on half day Backwater fishing excursion . We did real good Caught Mangrove Snapper , Redfish, and jigged pass caught 5 keeper pompano 1 Permit and a few other smaller Pompano. Seas were ruff so we stayed inside and fished with live shiners and Jigs. Offshore has been good when you can get out in between ruff seas, catching King Mackeral, Lane Snapper and lots of Grouper that we can not keep till Jan, 1.






Sept 26, 2015


Fall fishing has been very productive. Backwater has been good for Pompano in the passes, Mangrove Snapper, Snook and redfish in the mangroves with live shiners. Offshore we have been catching lots of Red Grouper, Big Mangrove Snapper on the wrecks 25 miles or more also Yellowtail Snapper. Now lets go fishing.



Aug12, 2015


Fishing has picked up in backwater and offshore, Took long time client Don Fierce and grandson Grant, fishing in backwater caught lots of big Mangrove snapper and 6 nice snook. Fishing was excellent today. Offshore is red hot on Grouper, 14 mile to 20 mile is doing real good so get out to your favorite Grouper bottom and catch some fish.



Aug 5, 2015


Took Brian Benjet and kids, Josh and Hannah for a full day offshore did real good. First stop we had 6 keeper grouper at 14 miles and lots of 19 inchers. We moved to 18 miles and had tons more grouper and Lane snapper ended up with 15 keeper Grouper but we only kept 8. Picture will show Grouper and Hannah's big Lane snapper.





July 28, 2015


Took Emily Boardman and family for half day backwater 4 people did good worked up in mangroves with live shiners. Weather has been rainy and ruff offshore but weather seems to have brought us a bunch of Redfish and Mangrove snapper have been decent also catching alot of little snook that I call candy bars. Emily and her crew did excellent job catching these fish, I sent them to Cocomos Grill to cook the fish i hope they enjoyed.





























July 23, 2015


Took Mark Brueckner and family for half day offshore 6 people did good lots of Grouper action. Caught about 30 Grouper had 3 real nice keepers lost a fourth one. Then went over to one of my wrecks boated one 70 lb Goliath Grouper lost several more on rope rig. Here is a nice picture of the girls that caught the big ones.





June 29, 2015


Took Mike Kelly and family  for two full days, went offshore Grouper fishing first day did good lots of Red Grouper and one 100 lb Goliath Grouper. Second day we started back water caught about 10 Snook and lots of Mangrove snapper and one Redfish, then we worked south 7 miles offshore did real good caught, 6 Black tip sharks, 5 Blacknose sharks, one big Hammerhead shark and one 18 lb Snook. Fishing has really picked up in Backwater and Offshore. Check out these pictures.























June 21,2015



Took Lee Hively and family 5 people for full day offshore. Went 25 miles out worked grouper bottom caught lots of fish, sharks, lane snapper and lots of grouper . We pretty much used big rods and shopped only for keeper grouper, we did good kept 11 nice grouper lost a couple big ones are biggest keeper was 13 lbs. My son Colton was first mate I will put picture up of him with big one we caught about 200 grouper, good thing Colton was there to help me. 






Jun 8th,2015


Took Repeat customer HA Street and freinds out for half day 9 miles out. We worked bottom with squid did real good caught sharpnose sharks lots of lane snapper a couple of them in the 15 inch range which is big for lane snapper also caught big silver snapper ended up with 49 keeper snapper not a bad half day calm seas a perfect day.

untill next report Tight lines





 May 30th, 2015


Sorry folks  been so busy havent had a chance to keep you posted on fishing, offshore remains to be active for grouper and snapper the farther you go the better the grouper fishing is 30 to 50 miles seems to be the best but it  always has been . Must have full day for that and seas have been very ruff lately. Still catching plenty of fish on half days in the 5 to 10 mile range. Shark fishing remains to be red hot near shore. Backwater still remains to be just ok should be improving over next couple of weeks as more bait fish invade our area. Mangrove snapper fishing is getting better every day, while next couple of months are the best in backwater. untill next report Tight Lines



May 4th, 2015

Fishing offshore continues to be red hot. Took Joe Spevak and wife Kristen for half day 1 to 5 we boated more than 20 sharks, Hammerheads. Sharpnose, Blacknose, Blacktips and Nurse sharks. Wind has been bad this week 20 knots or more but not bad 2 miles and under.







April 24, 2015

Offshore  fishing still remains to be good, took Athhur Gallant  and fiancee Kylie and friend Peter from the Met life conference at the Marriott. Went to one of my shark spots caught 5 Sharpnose sharks and one  4ft black tip. Then I ran to one of my wrecks boated 5 Goliath Grouper and lost several, good day they did not want keepers so we went for size.

Still catching Redfish and Mangrove snapper every trip in backwarer


April 22, 2015 

Fishing in the

 backwaters around Marco Island has picked up in the last week.   I have been catching nice mangrove snapper, with occasional snook and redfish.   I am expecting the backwater fishing to become much more active as the live bait start to show on the beaches. As slow as backwater has been over the last month or two this will be a welcome change.

Offshore fishing still remains good catching keeper grouper, snapper and sharks are starting to show along the beaches.   Also  caught 18 pound king mackeral while fishing for sharks with Randy Panella and family his son Aiden reeled this one in.   


March 24, 2015

Went on a full day with Ryan Schmiege and dad David 24 miles out and had a nice day. We caught Amberjack, Barracuda, Grouper, and chumed Mangrove Snapper up to the surface. Very productive day.




Wed Feb 11, 2015


Took Brandie Roberts and family backwater for a half day 1 to 5, did real good kept 4 sheepshead and caught 17 permit . We kept 2 to take to dinner with the sheepshead. Thats the most permit I have ever caught in one spot in backwater. Cold fronts keep coming thru water very muddy but fish still hitting ok.



Wed Feb 4, 2015

 Did a half day charter, took Jerry Kehe and freinds Joey Shanon , David and John Offshore about 8 miles worked some of my wrecks caught lots of nice Lane snapper, boated 1 Goliath Grouper 14 lbs seas finally laid down enough to get out. We kept 36 snapper that they took to cocomos restaurant for dinner. Back water has been a little slow catching sheeps head and drum and occasional pompano but still good action, untill next report,   Tight Lines